Can I really get a free trip on a cruise ship?

ByStella Tuscano

Can I really get a free trip on a cruise ship?

This post gives no-nonsense tips on how to get a free cruise for 2 from 2 people who have ‘been there, done that’ many times.

Norwegian Pearl at sea

……………………. Free Cruise for Speaker and Guest ………………………..

Question: Is it really possible to get a free trip on a cruise ship?

Answer: Yes, it is possible. IF … If you have an expertise and are comfortable as a public speaker.

3 Spots You Can Grab

You can get a spot as a guest lecturer, seminar leader on a cruise ship as a:

  • Destination speaker – talk about places you have been and where the ship is going.
  • Enrichment speaker – share an expertise that the cruising demographic will have an interest it.
  • History – Mix the two. Talk about something interesting that happened at the destination.

What you need to apply:

  1. An agent – this can be searched or you can ask  us.
  2. A book if possible – gives credibility.
  3. A website – this is necessary. No need to break the bank. Basic is best.
  4. A YouTube video or 2 or 3 of you in action – doesn’t need to be super high quality
  5. 5-6 related topics that you can talk on – titles and descriptions.

Both Rick and Bill have done this numerous times.

Rick and his wife are going to the Baltics for 10 days in May.

Bill and his wife are going from San Francisco (his home port) to the Mexican Riviera for 10 days in May.

When are you going?

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