More cruises added – get ready – want to sail for free?

ByRick Deutsch

More cruises added – get ready – want to sail for free?

This is a quick follow-up to a recent entry under Upcoming Cruises. You inquired with us because you want to get free cruises….OK – take the training then just do it!   We have graduated many who are now sailing the oceans blue.Why not you? How about Southeast Asia?

Australasia is a great trip. The Barrier Reef and the Indo-Pacific have crystal clear water. Super for snorkeling or scuba. When these come up you have to jump on them.

Look at these trips….OK, these are short-fuse…departures in April and May. Some folks can do these. if you work at home, you can continue your business via the on-board internet. Many ships have upgraded their systems . . . or you can go to a shore based internet cafe.

Keep that suitcase handy. Often with short-notice trips, the agency & the ship need to know who the speaker will be and get you on the program. Also, often the agency fee is waived or reduced.

On a long cruise, they may need many many talks – like 9 on one of these. Work – yes; but free – yes.

man with suitcase

Pack your bags – the seas are calling and you must go.

Gang, if you are really interested in sailing for free, git-er-dun!! We’ll show you how and share our experience.  Any and all work permits for Australia can be gotten in 3 days. They are required, since the ship may sail into Aussie waters. The agent helps with that.

What’s the downside?  I can’t think of any. Well, maybe the LONGGGG  flight. I’d take one  but I am already booked out near term. Are you flexible? As soon as I see one that fits, I’m jumping on it. Why not you?  We are NOT in competition. There are plenty of assignments to go around.

You could be accepted even for the ones listed here and in previous blogs…but we’d have to act fast.  Let us know.

Look what just came in:

Hawaii, Tahiti, South Pacific, Singapore/Fremantle,  North Australia, and Ft. Lauderdale/Barcelona.

Contact us and we’ll elaborate.


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