The Zenith rips up Cayman reef

ByRick Deutsch

The Zenith rips up Cayman reef

When you are speaking on a cruise ship, – you are treated as both crew and passenger. In port, we can: 1. Stay on the ship, 2. Go on a tour, or 3. Go out and do your own thing.

I like to scuba – I have 265 dives.  So I try to get off at good places and get 2 dives in. It’s hard to do since the ships don’t unload until about 8 am….then the “get off” debarking process can take a while if tendered. Most diving is started early while the waters are calm.

Cayman is great. BUT cruise ships are beginning to rip the coral reefs apart.  Watch this  divers took when the Zenith laid anchor. Divers filmed the damage caused by the chain scouring over the sensitive coral.

Ship rips up coral

Zenith Cruise ship dropped anchor on the reef

This really upsets me. Coal is bleaching out all around the world and now we are getting cruise ships forever ruining the reefs.

Cayman is mulling making the ships stop further out beyond the reef line and tender the thousands of people in. Gee, an extra 20 minutes is going to kill them?

We’d like to hear your opinion on all this.

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Rick & Bill

Film by Scott Prodahl.

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