Philippines could be next major stop for Cruise ships

ByRick Deutsch

Philippines could be next major stop for Cruise ships

Kazou Okada is a very rich Japanese businessman. His goal is to capitalize on the potential for tourism in the Philippines.
You might have of him through his involvement in the casino industry. He’s already opened the Okada Manila casino resort which is located on Manila Bay. It has over 3,000 slot machines, and 500 gaming tables, to rival Vegas hot spots. The strategy is to bring in people from China, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea and America.

map of Philippines

The Philippines

How better to do that then have them sail in? He has a ton of currency and the power to build up a port facility with Government help. The new president, Rodrigo Duterte is not a fan of gambling…nor drugs. Many people are pushing up daisies for their links to the drug trade. He does want tourist dollars.

The nation could support a terminal at Manila as well at the old US navy base at Subic Bay. I’ve spent time there and it is a pristine area that is being revitalized. It is accessible for tours to Manila via a bus system. The ride to the capitol is about an hour.
However, Duterte is not a fan of the USA at this point either. He called Obama a son of a b*tch and is going to try to get US presence out of the country. Not good politically or for US cruise lines.

Keep your ears to the ground – or eyes on this website. We’ll let you know as things move along. Any comments from the peanut gallery?

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