What do Weight Loss and Speaking on a Cruise Ship Have in Common?

ByBill Belew

What do Weight Loss and Speaking on a Cruise Ship Have in Common?

I admit it. I wanted to lose a few pounds. Okay, more honestly? I wanted to lose more weight than my 6-year old weighs.

I was listening to this guy (he’s a client in my other life) today talk about 12 questions people struggling with self-image should ask themselves.

Weight Watchers and Cruise Ship Presentations

This next series of posts is not about struggling with self-image in the am-I-bigger-than -a-box-of-bread-loaves sense. It’s about reflecting on where you are, where I am in your speaking career. Where are you in your cruise ship lecture career?

It may be a stretch but I thought it’d be fun to see if we can learn by reflection on our speaking career the way this doctor wants his patients to learn about themselves.

And in the end … can we improve? Can we serve our listeners better? Can we be better speakers for having asked ourselves these questions AND answered them AND applied what we learned from our answers?

Speak On Cruise Questions

Speak On Cruise Questions

The 12 Questions (paraphrased).

  1.       Is my body truly serving me? Can I work with what I have?
  2.       Do I have enough to nurture me? What do I need to feel more nurtured?
  3.       Am I completely at peace with myself and my example to others? What would I like to project?
  4.       Is there anything more or deeper that I’d like to learn to be better?
  5.       Is there anything more or deeper that I’d like to do? Name it.
  6.       Is there anything I should be doing to protect my vulnerability? Name it.
  7.       Is there anything I desire that will lead to greater harmony in my relationships? What is that desire?
  8.       If I found myself suddenly dying, what action would I be compelled to take?
  9.       If I were to suddenly win the lottery, what would I be compelled to do?
  10.    What dreams have I dreamt in the past that I’d love to have again?
  11.    What organizations would I love to be invited into, to be honored by, to contribute to, to have contribute to me?
  12.    If I were to lose that which is most dear to me, be kidnapped by myself, what would I say to myself in 10 years later.

In the coming series of posts, I will tweak the questions as they might have to do with speaking. And I will share my answers.

Then you can share yours?

Talk to us to get on board as a cruise ship speaker. You know you want to.

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