Visit Silicon Valley – SpeakOnCruises Free tours

ByRick Deutsch

Visit Silicon Valley – SpeakOnCruises Free tours

We want to thank the many candidates and graduates of our program for stopping by and chatting with us. We also took them on a nice tour of the high points of Silicon Valley.

After a lunch at one of the “in-places” where the venture capital folks dine, we hit the freeways during off hours. Rush hour is mad here. You can’t even get near Google HQ in the morning. They have the world’s largest fleet of buses (140), that haul workers from outlying towns to work and back. Even from that little burg 50 miles north of here, San Fran.

white bus

Google employee buses have wifi

We also hit Apple HQ, Intel HQ, Yahoo HQ, Facebook HQ (formerly Sun Microsystems HQ), HP HQ, LEVI stadium, the original HP garage, Steve Jobs youth house and the one he died in, Stanford Univ, and other spots. We take a peek at the new Apple Campus under construction.

Consider us your friends. We want you to snag cruises. And we won’t charge you for anything again – unless you want some specific consulting. No “per cruise” fee, etc.

If you fly into SFO or San Jose, we are just a hop & a skip away. Heck, we’ll even pick you up!

Contact us for more info.

The seas are calling and you must go!

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