Tour Silicon Valley for FREE – see the World Headquarters of the industry leaders

ByRick Deutsch

Tour Silicon Valley for FREE – see the World Headquarters of the industry leaders

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Google Headquarters, Mt. View, CA

For a limited time, SpeakOnCruises will be offering new prospects and graduates a free escorted personal tour of the center of innovation. Silicon Valley – 40 miles south of San Francisco. 1 on 1.

Want to see Apple, Google, Yahoo, EBay, Facebook, Intel, HP, etc.? Nearby Stanford can even be squeezed in. Want to see LEVI stadium, home of the SF 49ers? Maybe SAP arena, home of the San Jose Sharks, or even Avaya stadium, home of the San Jose Earthquakes?

Sign up below – Yes, we can get you onboard cruise ships for free. Just give four PowerPoint presentations that are fun – “InfoTainment.” We will show you how.

Are you safe on  a ship?  Read why.

As a bonus, you’ll meet our team – how’s a working lunch sound?  We can also give you our 2-hr seminar in person. Got a flight to/through SFO? – give us a shout.

We are seeing a lot of openings for speakers for the Caribbean, the Baltic and even Southeast Asia. But the competition is heavy. We’ll work to get to ready to get on.

We know you want to do this or you would not have found us. We do not advertise our services and we get a lot of browser searches. AND referrals. Just read our testimonials for reassurance.

Money back guarantee if we don’t deliver. No guarantees that you will land a cruise – that is up to your talents.

Take our no-obligation Silicon Valley tour – reply today to save your spot. 1-1. You and me.

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