Topics that the cruise lines want YOU to speak about.

ByRick Deutsch

Topics that the cruise lines want YOU to speak about.

We often talk to prospective speakers who give us a blank stare when we ask what they want to lecture about. We’re pretty good at turning someone’s expertise in to four talks.

But WHAT do you know more about than anyone else? Hmmm, stare at the sun a bit and you’ll come up with at least one topic. OK, write that topic down. Now for a A+ in class, I want you write a term paper on that. Outline first. Turn that into a PowerPoint presentation.  Good. Now pretend that you are going to give it to a panel of professors? Can you pass an oral exam on it?

You CAN if your take it seriously. Use Wikipedia, YouTube, search engines, books, documentaries, talk to others….. get the idea?

Here is just a teeny sample of what the ships want:

Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams – Here’s a fun Famous Person to talk about

Famous People
Feng Shui
Global Economics
World History
Home Improvement
Interior Design
Legal high profile trials

Now stretch your topic into 4 talks.  Just dissect the overarching one into four. Show a connection between them. Make it fun. Stories. Hey, YOU are the expert, remember!

MORE on topics

Images, images, images – NO bullets!

Video and audio clips.

45 minutes goes real fast. Rehearse. You will be done and over before you know it. And do not go overtime – you will have to walk the plank if you do! That is sin #1. Get OUT after 45. Those people have to play bingo, after all.

Give this a shot. We want you to succeed.

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