Topic suggestions for lecturers | Clever titles draw audiences

ByRick Deutsch

Topic suggestions for lecturers | Clever titles draw audiences

One of the secrets of snagging speaking assignments on luxury ships is to come up with catchy titles.  If you just think about it, you can easily come up with interesting titles to support your overall theme.

Turn sailing into speaking topics

Turn sailing into speaking topics

We are working with a woman who has sailed a yacht around the world. This is good stuff. It’s more than just “How I survived.” While that’s not bad, let’s see how we can turn this into titles that will attract and audience to her talk.  This is something we at SpeakOnCruises do for clients.

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OK, let see. How about an overall theme of “A woman circumnavigates the Globe.”

Talk #1 The history of small craft sailing.

Talk #2 Preparation for a 5 month voyage.

Talk #3 Hazards of the sea: 30 ft waves and coping with loneliness.

Talk #4 How the sea changed my life.

These are first cuts, but you get the idea. I need to know more about the voyage. Was she alone? If not, who else went? How many stops did she make? What were he actual hazards? What did she eat? Any close calls with hostile natives or highjackers?

Once we get to know a client, we draw out their passion and get them excited about telling their story. Audiences don’t want facts, they want stories.  And pictures. The talk should be a verbal presentation supported by exciting pictures. Surely she took a lot. Any videos to include? Any neat show-and-tell items to share with the audience? That’s a process the agencies love.

Once you pass our “vetting,” and are good, we will introduce you to the agencies. No guarantees you will be accepted, but we will show you the tools. We want you to get on ships. It’s good for you and good for us. We have landed 70% of our clients on ships.

The work is up to you. It’s worth it.

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