Storytelling is a Good Learning Tool. Cruise Ship Speakers Should Use this Medium

ByBill Belew

Storytelling is a Good Learning Tool. Cruise Ship Speakers Should Use this Medium

Storytelling on Cruise Ships

Storytelling on Cruise Ships

In a previous post I wrote that storytelling should be included in the cruise ship speaker’s toolkit.

How People Learn

  • Some people learn visually – videos, diagrams, illustrations, images, and such.
  • Some people learn by listening – talks, discussions, music, lectures and such.
  • Some people learn by doing – hands on, try, fail, remember.
  • Some people are hopeless – no matter what you do, they aren’t going to get it.

Everyone responds to a good story, told well, and relevant.

If you can paint an image with words, if your listeners can see and hear you characters come alive, if your listeners are participants in your story, then you are indeed a good storyteller.

Engage Your Listeners

Your listeners will learn from you if you can engage (hear, see, do) them with a good yarn.

Storytelling is a great tool to use to teach. When my daughter comes home from school, she can’t tell me the facts of the event in history, but she can tell me the story that surrounds those facts. And, to be sure, sometimes the facts come along with the memory of the story.

My favorite history teacher in high school summer school was a great storyteller.

Even it was sunny outside and we are keen to go playing, we enjoyed it just as much sitting at the feet of this raconteur.

My favorite history teacher in college was a great story teller. Students from previous year’s classes would come again to a 7 am class just to hear him tell the same story.

That’s good storytelling.

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