SpeakOnCruises – THE source for speaking on Cruise Ships

ByRick Deutsch

SpeakOnCruises – THE source for speaking on Cruise Ships

Thanks for finding us. You are now one of over 500 people who have visited this site. If you’ve scanned our pages, you already know a bit about our team.

Bottom line is that we help speakers who want to expand their horizons by offering their skills and stories to cruise ship passengers. Simple – you give talks and you go for free…and you bring someone.

You found us because you are interested in how to do this. We’re professional speakers who also found this calling. Over 10 years of sailing. Hong Kong, Shanghai, Venice, Turkey, Hawaii, Alaska, Venice. We could go on with pages of places we have been to. Free.

Venice Italy

Sailing into Venice

It can be hard work. You need to show that you know more about a subject than most people. You will be a celebrity who is providing Info-Tainment to guests of the finest ships on the sea. It’s like writing a college term paper on your subject. If you can pass an oral exam on it – you are an expert. Can you give image-intensive presentations for 45-minutes? Are you a good public speaker? Handy with PowerPoint?

OK, so just HOW do you get gigs? That’s where we come in. We know how. We teach how. Yes, we teach – YOU do. Can you read a book and learn the same thing? No. We are confident that our 1 on 1 two hour seminar is the way to go. We can teach weekends or in the middle of the night. We often do that for our international clients. Feedback – questions – tips. AND we want you to succeed. We like referrals. Many of our students are knocking down multiple cruises.

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What do they speak on? Rock & Roll, Art History, Ancient Egypt, Oceanography – most any topic can be focused on stories that are fun for audiences. We’ll help you.

YOU found us. We didn’t spam to get you here. Now get on with it. What do YOU want to talk about? People need to hear your message. Keep it fun. Your audience? Plan on older, retired people on vacation. We’ll help you with all you need to succeed. IF we are not out-of-town ourselves on a cruise. (Oh, I did Antarctica a few months ago – FREE.)

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