Speaking Resources – Anything but Powerpoint

ByRick Deutsch

Speaking Resources – Anything but Powerpoint

There are many tools for speakers that have evolved over the years. Most veterans have settled into the industry leader: PowerPoint. It’s bulletproof but does take a little time to begin to use it. I find the best teacher is just that –  a human teacher. Either take a class or buy a buddy a lunch to give you the basics. I don’t use 70% of the capabilities and am a bit clunky. That is good enough for me to make visual presentations. And another tip – do not use bullets. The term “Death by PowerPoint” doesn’t mean don’t use it. The phrase should really be: “Death by Bullets.” Try using photos and other media. But and you  can easily add photos, sounds and videos to your presentation.

A media-rich talk will engage your audience. Here’s another presentation software package worth a look: SlideShare 

SlideShare has recently gained attention as one of the best business presentation sites around. Although the website is primarily a slide hosting service, it also supports documents, PDFs, videos and webinars. To use it, import a source file from PowerPoint, Word, PDF or other formats. Once your presentation is done, you can embed or share it widely, or post it automatically to your LinkedIn account. In full disclosure, Slade Share is owned by LinkedIn.

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