Speakers: Have someone sit in the audience and critique your talk.

ByRick Deutsch

Speakers: Have someone sit in the audience and critique your talk.

I gave a presentation recently and a buddy sat in. I thought it went real well and the audience seemed captivated. I was talking about how to monetize your platform – your speaking, writing and blogging. I got a lot of good questions and talked slow and actually had some pauses. These are things I am weak it.

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After the talk, my friend gave me some constructive comments. He said I say “uh” a lot. Really? Yes. In fact one of my talks I recorded and I actually got tired of hearing all my “uh’s.” I know it, yet I forgot all about it when I gave recent talk. Dang. I think now I will get an index card and read it before I go on. It will have “UH”, PAUSE, SLOW DOWN” on it.

Rehearse to catch errors

Rehearse to catch errors

It’s really good to practice what you preach. If I can give speaking advice I need to make sure my house is in order. Little things like that can help you rise to the top. Recognize we are all not perfect and learn how you can improve. Fix those things that need fixing. Be the best you can be.

Don’t shy way from rehearsing in front of family – but it’s best to have someone who will tell the truth. Not a “great job” person who feeds you just to not hurt your feelings. It’s for your benefit.
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