Speakers need to re-calibrate their life direction

ByRick Deutsch

Speakers need to re-calibrate their life direction

I prefer over the head mics

Over the head mics

I’ve been speaking on cruise ships for 7 years. In the corporate world, I spent easily 20 more speaking. I was in marketing and had to get up in front of customers a LOT. At the end of my career, I gave the capabilities presentation to Government customers. Big time: NSA, Air Force, Police, Defense contractors etc.

As the years evolve and I got older I become more confident in what I was doing. I became an authority and not afraid of customers just because they were older than me. I found it useful to occasionally reevaluate things and set my personal GPS on the correct course.

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As a giant digression, do you know that the voice on GPS systems and Siri are not computer generated? You hear an Australian woman named Karen Jacobson. A real person. She was a young singer who ended up in New York. She answered an audition and landed the voiceover job. Karen also does elevators, alarm systems and other voice driven systems. She exploited her talent is now a sought after speaker. – the GPS Girl.

Think of resetting your internal GPS – there may be more exciting roads ahead.


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