Why should you sign up with SpeakOnCruises?

ByRick Deutsch

Why should you sign up with SpeakOnCruises?

Can you get speaking assignments on your own?

Speaker at dias

You need help getting Speaking slots

Disclaimer – We are NOT an agency or affiliated with any cruise line.

We started this service a couple years ago and have had a few hundred inquires about our program offerings. People contact us. We don’t seek speakers. We want motivated people who have the initiative to “git ‘er dun.”

Once someone finds us (easy with our highly ranked website/blog), we immediately contact them with an intro email, and then a phone call.  I am amazed at the folks who die on the vine at that point. We offer a service that is unique. We know the process to make it happen, – to get you on a ship and sail for free – yet people won’t take the plunge.

I’ve been speaking on ships for over 8 years with several dozen trips in my passport. I only go out twice a year, since I have a real life at home. Hey, I gotta play with my dog, don’t?

If you told yourself: “I’d like to get a free cruise by speaking?”…. Where would you go?  The internet? – google, giggle and hit dead ends or people who will keep extracting money from you. We don’t – we teach and you do.

Are you aware that we offer a money back guarantee? If you feel the training we give you is bogus – we’ll refund your money. Our fee is very low because we want to spread our passion. A one time fee. My plumber makes a higher hourly wage than I do. Note – we do NOT guarantee that you will get on a cruise . . . that is up to YOUR talent.  We can work with you to hone your skills.

I keep saying you don’t get wet until you jump in the water. Guys – do you still think of the girl in high school who had your eye but you never got the guts to ask her out?  Did you kick yourself later? Ladies, were you playing so hard to get – that you didn’t get got?

Join us. A free cruise is what it’s all about. You were curious enough to seek us out – we didn’t bug you. Follow up and contact us for step 2.

Get wet – jump in. Did you make a New Year’s resolution to stop procrastinating?

Jump – the water’s fine.

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