Reality Distortion Field – Not Original with Steve Jobs. Then Who?

ByBill Belew

Reality Distortion Field – Not Original with Steve Jobs. Then Who?

Reality Distortion Field

Reality Distortion Field

Steve Jobs was not the first person to be accused of having a reality distortion field.

I don’t even think he is the most famous person to have this special tool in his arsenal. That distinction probably depends on when you lived.

Apparently is was Bud Tribble who coined the RDF term borrowing an idea from Star Trek and applied it to Jobs when the latter was just 27.

But Jobs is not the first person to exercise this, um, gift.

Reality Distortion Field in Great Speakers

I study great speakers.

I spent all last year with one of the greatest speakers of all time. It took me a year to read the 3,000+ pages written about him in The Last Lion Set. I had to stop from time to time to read something else. Still …

I am reading a book now about one of the contemporaries, FDR, of this great orator.

It was said of this master that he,

does not reflect a social or moral world in an intense and concentrated fashion; rather, he creates one of such power and coherence that it becomes a reality and alters the external world being imposed upon it with irresistible force.

Sounds like a reality distortion to me. Don’t you think?

Winston Churchill

I am writing about Winston Churchill.

An excerpt of one his speeches with a most famous line –

How about you? Who do you hang out with that causes the world around you to go all askew?

Reach out and we will get you on board a ship to speak.


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