Public Speaking classes to be offered by Speak On Cruises

ByRick Deutsch

Public Speaking classes to be offered by Speak On Cruises

SpeakOnCruises is rolling out a new offering. Coaching. The focus will be on speakers who need help in the process of Public Speaking.

We were all born goo-gooing and it took time to even talk. Giving presentations in public is a learned art. The best have been in your position.

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We’ve been doing it most of our careers – we taken the classes, read the books, joined Toastmasters and Dale Carnegie to LEARN how to put thoughts together and deliver top notch talks. Are we cocky? Well – yes. We are confident that we can help you.

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Become a cruise ship speaker – free trips for 2!

We’re a veteran owned business and in the military you better give great briefings to your superiors or you may be figurative peeling potatoes!

We’ll be presenting our program here soon.  We can take you to the podium.

What will it cost?   We are honing in on that now. What is it worth to you to become a speaker.? We WANT you to succeed so we can get you on ship and then get your referrals. That’s our angle. Up front. It’s not to extract more $$.  And no BS – we cut to the chase. No book to buy, $3,000 seminar to attend, nope just the facts. We’ll even film you if local or review your progress via skype if remote. We use technology.

Enough for now – we wanted to get this “head’s up” out.

Stand by.

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