Prospective Speakers: Cruise ships WANT You!

ByRick Deutsch

Prospective Speakers: Cruise ships WANT You!

We’ve been running for quite a while now. In the last six months alone, analytics has shown that a google search on this topic lists us as the #2 entry. Not bad for a couple of country boys. We have worked hard and have seen about 80% of our clients bag free cruises for two.  We’ve been contacted by well over 100 prospects.

Rick & Bill work to get speakers on cruises

Rick & Bill work to get speakers on cruises

We service SF Bay Area folks as well as people as far away as Ohio, Florida, the UK and Australia. Why not you.?

We receive updates on cruises seeking speakers. As we posted recently, one line is desperate for speakers in mid-June. They are even reducing their fee!  If only you were in their approved database of speakers.

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The way it works is that if you are a good public speaker and can give FUN talks to people on vacation – you may qualify. What value do you get from us? We teach you how to do it for $200, then YOU do it. If you need more help with your talk topics, your YouTube or other things, we ask for $200 an hour. We make NO guarantees that you will be accepted by the agency/cruise line. That is YOUR expertise.Bill has already done three trips this year. I’ve done two. Join the party!

Don’t waste time. Get on with it. You’re not getting any younger. As I like to say: “You won’t get wet until you jump into the pool.” 

Carpe Diem – Seize the opportunity.


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