Part 2 Cruise ship speaker agencies do not need these topics

ByRick Deutsch

Part 2 Cruise ship speaker agencies do not need these topics

Last time we met, I told you that at, we promote that everyone is an expert at something. That’s what you should talk about. However, not all topics are in demand. We listed topics that Royal Caribbean has put off limits. Why? There experience has shown some topics are controversial or just not of interest to passengers on vacation. Today let’s take a look at more from another line. You can note the overlap on many topics, so don’t spend a whole lot of time on communication!

Pirate tales are losing favor

Pirate tales are losing favor

Health & Wellness, Communication, Genealogy, Finance, Estate Planning, Arts & Crafts, Sudoku, Politics, Pirates of the Caribbean, Sugar & Rum, Energy, Global Warming, Astrology, Digital Photography, Chef/Culinary, Computers, Self Help, Motivational, Public Speaking/Business,

NOTE: these vary by agency and cruise line, so it’s worth a call to the agent to confirm. Plus, over time the list changes.

We’ll share still more next time.

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