Overcoming the fear of Public Speaking

ByRick Deutsch

Overcoming the fear of Public Speaking

It can be scary. Getting in front of dozens or even hundreds of cruise ship passengers…. then entertain them with your wisdom for 45 minutes.   What if I blow it? What if I forget my content?  What if they walk out?

Don’t stress out. Be confident up there. When you apply for a slot with an agency, they will vett you (funny word, isn’t it? Vett. Like a Corvette?).  You’ll need to have the credentials for your topics. They want people who know more about a subject than most other people —> YOU. Be confident – you can deliver the goods.

man lecturing

Look like professional speaker

You don’t have to be a professor – although it doesn’t hurt if you are. Remember, they want you got provide INFOTAINMENT. Keep the crowd happy for less than an hour. That’s EZ.  Heck, it will take you ten minutes to just get through your intro. They want to show a robust schedule to guests. There is nothing worse than passengers complaining that there is nothing to do on a ship.  YOU will fill an hour of that time!!

More fun reading: Five ways to ensure you get invited back to speak on a cruise ship

I am a big supporter of  Toastmasters. They are a very good place to get your speaking jitters out of the way. Most meet weekly – at companies – maybe after work. Entrance fees are about $5. It’s been a long time for me, so giggle them to find out  more. (I know …giggle – ha ha).

Practice is a key.  Really – give your talk to your dog!  You need a living thing other than a cactus to speak to.

Yall have other ideas?   Talk to us. We can help get you free cruises for 2.

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