Overcoming the fear of Public Speaking | A cure for glossophobia

ByRick Deutsch

Overcoming the fear of Public Speaking | A cure for glossophobia

Glossophobia: a term you might read for the first time today. Yes, it actually means the fear of speaking. Most of us can rattle on for hours to our friends, but put more than 10 strangers in front of us and we begin to sweat and stutter.

What are some ways to overcome this fear?   Let’s discuss a few. Raise your hand if you want to join in and contribute to the conversation. We have a comments button for these missives and we appreciate knowing that people are reading them. And bring some chips; we have plenty of dip.

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The first method is simple. Just talk a lot and seek out venues. Toastmasters international is a great place to get your feet wet. Many companies sponsor them. At their meetings, they teach you the innards of public speaking.


They go over delivery style, proper use of gestures, how to inject a pause frequently, how to remember what comes next, etc.

Try to get gigs at service clubs. Rotary, Lions, Moose, Kiwanis, etc. all have monthly meetings and they are looking for people to give presentations at luncheons. You can easily get 30-70 people attending. You get paid a rubber chicken lunch, but also you get contacts that can help.

Do retirement centers. They pay a small amount but you get more experience and you are helping out the greatest generation as they fade away.

Remember, it’s better to speak for free, than not at all.
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