Outline of a perfect 10 speaking performance | What are the steps?

ByBill Belew

Outline of a perfect 10 speaking performance | What are the steps?

There’s a Meetup happening in the Bay Area of San Jose / San Francisco. Palo Alto to be precise.

The event will take place on Nov 18th at 3373 Middlefield Rd in Palo Alto from 7:30 – 9:30 pm.

At a recent conference in Arizona to a group of Web Developers called Pressnomics Bill Belew (that’s me writing about myself in the 3rd person) was given high marks for his style, presentation and message.

Bill is not so presumptuous as to think he is a perfect speaker. Nobody is. At the Meetup Bill will discuss what he did right AND what he knows he can do to improve his presentation skills overall … including the last one.

Here is what one person tweeted after the event:

Be Like Bill

Be Like Bill

At the Meetup Bill will go through the many steps he took to prepare and deliver the presentation. In future Meetups Bill will go through each step or invite experts who are even better at those steps to come share.

You are invited to the Meetup to learn what the steps are. And join us at future Meetups to grow step by step.

Here is the link to join the Meetup = . The Meetups are free … for now.

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