Many openings this summer for Cruise ship speakers

ByRick Deutsch

Many openings this summer for Cruise ship speakers

Why take our class?  One 2-hr seminar to prepare you to get a free cruise for 2 by lecturing. It’s easy and hard.  We are seeing a lot of Alaska and Europe openings.

You found us, so you are probably very interested in how you can get one. We’ve done it over 10 years and have gone on over 30 cruises.

Easy – talk for 45 minutes maybe four times over a 1-2 week period. Talk about things you know. Things you know better than most people.   Your career, your hobby, your passion. Employ your pubic speaking skills. DONE!

Hard – You gotta know your stuff. Credentials, bio, and a video of you actually speaking to an audience. It need not be one of your actual talks- just to see how you come across.  You’re going to have to spend time. Do a term paper. Find sources. Rehearse. DONE

If you want, we’ll take you thru the process. We’ll even WRITE YOUR TALK!  We want you to succeed. We know you can succeed.  Dang it – Just Do It!!

man on segway

The Story of Segways – a great theme.

Still afraid?  We will give your money back if you are displeased with what we say we will do. We DO  NOT book you on cruises. You earn that with YOUR skill. We are not an agency or part of the cruise industry. BUT we can get you prepared to apply.

Check out our testimonials.  We have a lot of clients who are now – as we speak – sailing the Caribbean and Europe.

So there you are. Hire us. You found us – your best move this millennium!  Send us your thoughts below.   Classes starting the week of Jan 15, 2018.  One day – 2 hours.

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