Manage your computer: do monthly back-ups

ByRick Deutsch

Manage your computer: do monthly back-ups


The tech talk radio show I listen to harps on doing regular back-ups of data off your computer. I’ll give him a plug – Leo Laporte – “The Techguy.”  You can find him on weekends on many AM radio stations. I just download his podcasts.

Leo Laporte

Leo Laporte – The Tech Guy

So Leo says to do the way to do backups is by doing ALL THREE of these:  – 1. On a local hard drive; 2. On a remote dive stored elsewhere and 3. On a different media –DVD or large Flash drive. Then and only then are you covered.


Good advice and we all know it. I try to do #1 about monthly – but it often slips to 2 or 3 months. I keep it all on a 1 terabyte hard dive.

Well, I almost got bit.  At a recent presentation, I took a sip of water and the cup hit the lid of my laptop and sprinkled water into the keyboard. I was ending a talk and as soon as I could, I blew it off. When I got home I ran a hair driver all over it. Whew – did I dodge a bullet.

I thought so, until the caps look key went screwy…on and off and off and on. Then the function keys were inop. More keyboard functions were hosed. I took it into my local Geek and he said the warranty was no good, since it was human error, not the fault of the machine.

While he ordered arts, I had to use my older laptop. The one I got off of 8 months ago since it was physically dying and was S L O W . At least I could still give presentations  But my backups were now old and I have spreadsheets, contact name files and talks ….. all OLD.

I had business to do – but I had no current material. I had to completely redo a talk on Aviation and one on Darwin…even though they existed on the damaged laptop. The parts were on order and 3 week went by.

In the end, I lucked out with a nice technician who was able to pass thru some to the repair as warranty and it only cost me $100 for the new keyboard and supporting parts.  I tipped him $20.

So now I am in the process of reconstructing about a month of data that I created on the older laptop – transferring it to the repaired one. And YES, I have already done a backup – a lesson is learned.

PS – my wife has NEVER done a backup despite my warnings….one day all her knitting patterns may sink away.

Drop me a note and confess to your back up story.

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