History and Culture lectures are in high demand on ships.

ByRick Deutsch

History and Culture lectures are in high demand on ships.

They are also known as Destination speakers.

Many cruise lines are now seeking speakers that are fluent in the history and culture of the areas where they stop. If you have the ability to present just that – the history of a region and how the people developed over the centuries, you may have an easy path for a free cruise.

Since you will only be speaking while the ships are at sea, your task is not too overwhelming. Can you write a term paper on Monte Carlo and then pass an oral exam on it? If you went to college, you surely had to write similar pieces for your history of G&P classes.

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Think about a good destination topic

On a ship, it’s the same thing … only no paper – rather a image-rich PowerPoint that provides the interesting facts with stories to illustrate them.

Still with me? OK, Let’s say one of the stops is Venice, Italy. Research all about it. Cull the data down to understandable bites. I give talks on Venice. (OK, my cruises have taken me there three times.) You can use this outline:

In the age of the barbarians, the locals on Italy’s eastern coast got tired of being beat up by the Huns who came south to rape and pummel, so they scooted out to the marshes for safety. The hordes didn’t have ships to sail out anyway. They had nothing of value out there, so Atilla left them alone. This went on for several raids, until the mainlanders decided to just move out there.

But how to live on the tiny islands surrounded by marshland? Well, they drove long wooden logs into the mush until they hit solid ground. Thousands of these poles were hammered in side-by-side and wooden floors put on top. They were strong enough to support stone buildings!

But how did they survive with no way to grow crops in the shallow salty marsh?? One thing they had a lot of was sea water. They evaporated it and sold salt to the mainlanders! Bingo! This led to their dominating in trade, shipbuilding and finance.

Get the idea? Lace your destination talks with stories and images to illustrate. You don’t have to have been to these places. Just learn it. Try this approach and become a “History and Culture” aka Destination speaker. They are in demand!

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