How hard is it to prepare a cruise ship lecture?

ByRick Deutsch

How hard is it to prepare a cruise ship lecture?

So what does a cruise ship speaker write about? If you are a Destination Speaker, you give the history, culture, geography and high points of the places the ship will go. This is pretty hard to do unless you have lived in these places.

An Enrichment (sometimes called Special interest) speaker has way more latitude. Pick a topic that you are an expert in – it’s gotta be fun and can entertain people on vacation. Here are some of the topics in demand:  Astronomy,  Caricaturist, Computers, Drawing/Sketching, Earth Science, Fashion, Feng Shui, Financial , Genealogy, Geology, Handwriting . . . and the list goes on.

Cruise ship speaking - like doing a term paper

Cruise ship speaking – like doing a term paper

At SpeakOnCruises, we help you develop your topics in such away that they are appealing to agencies, but YOU deliver the goods. All you need are 4 different 45-minute talks in one genre (like above). Once we get you through the application process and you are selected, you typically have several months until your cruise. It’s like giving orals after a term paper. Really. Content is king – but your delivery and ability to entertain is key. Do not have a sea of words or bullets….you are the expert – just show pictures and go from your heart. Don’t memorize. Add videos – retention sky rockets. Put in sound bytes. involve the audience.

So, can you write a term paper on a topic that you love? Yes, you can – we can help.
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    Jane AndersonPosted on8:25 pm - May 4, 2016

    I just watched your video. Are these agencies looking for inspirational speakers?? I speak about perseverance, faith, and growing up with a disability. I live in San Jose and love to travel, but have never been on a cruise ship!
    Thank you.

      Rick DeutschPosted on9:25 pm - May 4, 2016


      I just sent you an email. Ships vary on their topics of interest.There are dozens that the like. We can help you come up with your 4 topics under one theme. AND help you get assignments. Crusing is a hoot. I’ve been doing it for about 8 years. I’m heading out to the Baltic in Mid June and Bill is now on a ship hitting Ensenda, thru western Mexico and up to SF.

      Let’s talk.


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