Why should I try to get free cruises through Speak On Cruises?

ByRick Deutsch

Why should I try to get free cruises through Speak On Cruises?

Great question. Easy for me to answer – This is Rick . . . I’m one of the founders.

Rick & Bill - SpeakOnCruises co-flounders

Rick & Bill – SpeakOnCruises co-founders

SpeakOnCruises.com has had over 150 inquiries from interested prospective speakers. Many have no idea how to do this. They really want to travel, but just HOW to get on?

We are NOT an agency, nor are we part of the cruise industry. Nope, fully independent. BUT, we are the only business to offer what we do. Here’s some of the value add:

* We teach “what it’s like” to be a cruise ship speaker. The Industry, the classes of ships, the job, the benefits, your demeanor on the ship, your required talks, and on and on. We aid you in the morass of applications the agencies require.

* We help you with your talk topics. IMHO, this is a hard nut for people to crack. They think they have to give talks on their career. Nyet. They can be, but what is your passion, your hobby? What do you know more about than others. Are you an expert (or close to one) at something? Anything!  We are good – no very good at coming up with intriguing topics and summaries that ships would love for you to share.

* The required YouTube of you speaking in front of a live audience is a road block for many. We can film you – hey,  give your talk to Service groups – Rotary, Lions, Elk, Moose, Hippos – they don’t pay, but it’s a venue to practice your stuff….and be filmed. We can film you. If remote to Silicon valley, we can edit. We use iMovie to produce stellar results.

I can go on – but watch this short introduction. Then contact us.

Oh, by the way, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you are displeased with our offerings, you get your drachmas back. We don’t guarantee you will get a cruise – that is up to your talent.

We will show you how.


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