All about cruise ship speaker agencies

ByRick Deutsch

All about cruise ship speaker agencies

If you hope to become a cruise ship lecturer, you pretty well have to go through an agency. Turns out the lines have pretty well out-sourced the task of vetting candidate speakers.  The industry downturn during the “Great Recession” caused belt tightening and it was not cost effective for them to recruit speakers themselves.

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A cottage industry of former Cruise Directors, headquarters staff, entertainers, etc began. They know the industry and what is needed to be successful. Remember, the lines have contracts with them to provide top notch speakers. Some agencies even try to get the speakers directly. It’s called cold-calling. Not too effective.

There are only a handful of agencies left. A few have moved on to other fields. Almost no ships currently accept directs inquiries – despite what their website may imply. I have tried with the only one I’ve seen and two email queries have gone unanswered. To succeed, you must go thru an agency. You have to be good.

How do prepare for this process? Do you know what’s needed? How do you present yourself? What should you talks be about? What’s it really like to be a speaker on a ship? THAT’s where we come in. After nearly 7 years of doing this, we at SpeakOnCruises know the process. We’ll train you and light the fires inside you to develop what you need to impress the agency and the cruise lines. The line ultimately gives the nod.

The cruises are free – but you WILL work for it.

Go to our HIRE US page now. You can see what we offer. Give us a shout using this contact link. We’d love to chat.

The seas are calling and you must go.


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