How a cruise ship professional speaker can demonstrate optimism – real story #2

Cruise Ship Speaker - Belew

Cruise Ship Speaker – Belew

I have previously written about the need or desire for some professional speakers to improve their optimism.

A group of national speakers association members included this trait in a brainstorming session I participated in.

I welcome you to take a look. You won’t like what you read.

I also shared a story that helped improve my, ahem, optimistic outlook on life. Or better yet, how it improved my optimism. It happened when I was in Manila.

A couple of weeks ago I was in Phoenix. And try as I might to be prepared and avoid all eventualities things will go wrong when they go wrong. (Does that make me a pessimist or a realist?)

An optimist does not expect that things will never go wrong, s/he will expect that they can resolve the issue no matter what goes wrong. That’s a real optimist, no?

In Phoenix, my computer went dead. For some reason that escaped me at the time the PC would not charge, and when it was charged it wouldn’t hold the charge … even it was plugged in!

Moments before I went up on stage, down it went. We tried everything. I looked the part of a bumbling old man. Old comes naturally, but bumbling … I didn’t need that.

Forced shut down, reboot, slow slow start, too much pushing of buttons, and and and .. all while hundreds of people who didn’t know me from Adam stared on. I could hear people sighing.

All the while I was thinking how I could make the presentation without the slides – which would have been a tremendous waste of efforts considering how much time I had put into them.

In the end … we got it going and I did my thing.

The real point: working through the adversity gave me confidence and a more optimistic outlook for come what may next time.

Interestingly – pushing through adversity makes us more optimistic. Giving in makes us pessimistic.

Don’t give in.



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