Celebrity Cruise Line is upping the requirements for onboard speakers

ByRick Deutsch

Celebrity Cruise Line is upping the requirements for onboard speakers

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The Celebrity APEX – a new standard in cruise ships

Celebrity Cruises is a superb line. In 2019, they will rollout a new process for Enrichment and Destination speakers. They will be needing lecturers, so read on.

No longer will passengers see a variety of presentation techniques. The line has come out with a new set of compliance rules for speakers wanting to sail with them. The current mish-mash of formats is going away. Most speakers “wing it” with the same slide format they have used for years.

A standard format will be given in advance so all talks “look” the same. Intro- and Ending- slides will be identical.  Each slide will have the Celebrity logo on the bottom right. All will have a soft blue background.

We have sailed with them and I like the idea. Too many lecturers put up a sea of bullets, write sentences, have over-the-top animations, low rez images and look like they have had no speaking training. They may have great topics, but the delivery is most important to getting good ratings.

In our seminar, we stress that all lines are different but compliance is not a choice. Here are some of the changes coming:

  1. Flights for Lecturers are provided by Celebrity (not for guest of lecturer)
  2. Gratuities for Lecturers are included (not for guest of lecturer)
  3. Up to $100 reimbursements for ground transfers with receipt.
  4. Focus will be on quality of lecturers, leaning toward professional lecturers that can fill a theater
  5. Lecturers that cannot fill a theater will no longer be used.
  6. Lecture presentations must be professionally put together
  7. All videos and photos must be the speakers own material
  8. ALL Presentations will be approved in advance – so you will have to submit the programs for review before you are confirmed
  9. Dress code will be changing, standards will be elevated and expectations will be raised
  10. Ratings will now be reported weekly and those that receive poor ratings will be cancelled from future voyages

Read about how good Celebrity will feed you.

What’s not to agree with?  I always wear a coat and tie and like the upscale move.

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