What do Basketball and Cruise ship speaking have in common?

ByRick Deutsch

What do Basketball and Cruise ship speaking have in common?

Rick, what an odd question. Let’s reason it out. Our Golden State Warriors won all the marbles in the NBA Championships. Yes!

Let’s talk about practice. Both speakers and “players” need to practice their craft. Over and over. You can’t be an all-star by just showing up for games. You need to dribble, shoot, and run all you can to be the best. Speakers need to write, arrange, and rehearse all they can.

Steph Curry

Steph Curry MVP – Are YOU?

Players will face obstacles – Steph Curry did a back flip and landed on his head – OUCH. But he came back even better. Speakers face obstacles too – (albeit not as painful). Audio/video systems that don’t work; an audience that yaks during your talk, a rolling ship that encourages people to leave and hide in their cabins. Both both athletes and speakers develop the inner spark that makes them overcome obstacles.

Players always have their eyes on the goal – winning. If they excel all the way to the end, they get a ring and a big bonus. Speakers reward is the standing ovation of a job well done. You get no ring and no bonus, but the satisfaction of knowing you changed people’s lives.

So don’t just show up” for your gigs. Work to become the best. Dribble, shoot and run in your own way.

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