Cruise Ship Lecture Applicants Need a Good YouTube to apply | See Bill Belew’s

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Cruise Ship Lecture Applicants Need a Good YouTube to apply | See Bill Belew’s

All of the four agencies that book speakers on cruise ships have rigid requirements to get accepted. There is the on-line application, a possible phone call interview, your four talk titles and summary. A big part is a bio and a YouTube of YOU talking in front of a LIVE audience.

They need to see you in action. Do you have one? Don’t hire a pro for $2,000 or so. We can do it for you. If you are local to the San Francisco Bay Area and have a gig date and venue, let us know. We can film you. Then edit it. Then let you approve it. Then load it to YouTube and send you the link. EZ squeezey.

If you are outside the range of our headquarters, just send us the video. Take it on your own camera or your smart phone. Any digital capture device. It’s best to take it at 720p HD but we can use standard. Get your buddy/spouse/neighbor/dog to hold the camera on a monopod – steady. And tell them to do it in four-minute clips. Have them (and you) move around to give different views. Make “you” about 70% of the frame…but zoom in & give us some variety.Talk S L O W and pause. We need a place to cut the clips. Make sure you either use a wireless mic or are under the speaker in the room.

We use iMovie on a MAC computer to produce it. It will end up about 7-minutes. That is all they want to see. That length loads to YouTube fast and no one will watch your whole hour talk. We put titles, some of your stills, and credits – but with data about YOU.

Bill Belew Captivates Azamara guests

Bill Belew Captivates Azamara guests

Interested?? Watch this one we did for the SpeakOnCruises co-founder and blogging expert, Bill Belew. He was on an Azamara trans-Atlantic cruise (oh yes, FREE). You can do this too. Mrs Belew was the videographer. An amateur, but she did a great job.


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