1200 died on the Cruise Ship Lusitania – 1915 German attack was not an iceberg.

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1200 died on the Cruise Ship Lusitania – 1915 German attack was not an iceberg.

Prospective lecturers – need a theme and four talks?  Can you write a term paper and pass an oral exam? OK, how about Tragic Ship disasters. Gee, on a cruise ship?  Some may think this is inappropriate but these events have taken place so long ago that people realize this is history tha won’t go away.

So here’s your talk #1

The Titanic lost about 1500 souls. A midnight bump with an iceberg in the North Atlantic brought her down. Just three years later, the British passenger cruise ship, RMS Lusitania was sunk by a German U-Boat. Full of civilians. Not cool. This ratcheted up World War 1 to a new level.

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Lusitania – 100th anniversary

Many of the dead were lost to the sea. Almost 150 of them were interred at Cobh in County Cork in Ireland. Ironically, Cobh was the second stop by the Titanic on its fateful maiden voyage. The 100th anniversary remembered the dead with a re-enactment of the mass funeral of the victims. Only about 200 passengers survived.

Participants joined in a procession to the Old Church Cemetery where many of the victims were buried. Halifax, Nova Scotia served as the same for the Titanic dead. Included were horse-drawn hearses, a marching band and people in period clothing,

OK – you get the idea?  There’s the basis of your first talk. You need to have four in order to get accepted by an agency. We can help develop your other three.
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