How to make a YouTube video for the Cruise Entertainment agencies

ByRick Deutsch

How to make a YouTube video for the Cruise Entertainment agencies

Many applicants have no YouTube of them giving a talk before a live audience. This is a mandatory requirement as part of the application process.  Please don’t just stand in front of a tripop and talk. No, they want to see you LIVE with all your warts. Hopefully there will not be many.

If you are well enough off  to have a video team – go for it. Most of us fake it….the agencies do not want to see an MGM production. Just about 8 minutes of you. The talk doesn’t have to be what you plan to do on a ship.  Any topic is fine. You may have stellar credentials, but if you come across like Mortimer Schnerd, forget getting a slot.

I want to show you one I did for a speaker on a South Africa Crystal cruise. This would not be the final product, but he had nothing at all with  him talking. We agreed to do it just an hour before his on-board talk. So it is not real pretty and polished. I was sitting in the front row looking up at him.

man on stage

Click to view Rob Caskie

It’s real heard to hold a camera steady for a long time – get a monopod!

The message is to see how he moves, How he captivates his audience telling stories about the Zulu warriors. Now, he did have credentials – grew up speaking Zulu and knows about the battles with the British.

Can you give four talks on one subject. Four talks on the Zulu was not enough. The audience wanted more.

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