A winning lecture theme: Great Sailing myths: Atlantis

ByRick Deutsch

A winning lecture theme: Great Sailing myths: Atlantis

Once you become a respected cruise ship speaker, you will have no trouble getting assignments. One of the biggest obstacles is “what do I talk about?”

Well, what do you  love? What is your passion? What do you know a heck of a lot about – more than most people? Like to sail?  Here’s just one suggestion. Can you make four fun talks out of a single theme? How about telling us about some of the old sailor legends of the sea. Start with Atlantis.

The story of the lost continent of Atlantis has captivated audiences for millennia. Where to start? How about the lyrics to a famous 60’s song by poet and singer, Donovan. See him sing it:


The continent of Atlantis was an island
Which lay before the great flood
In the area we now call the Atlantic Ocean

So great an area of land that from her western shores
Those beautiful sailors journeyed to the south
And the North Americas with ease
In their ships with painted sails

To the East, Africa was a neighbor
Across a short strait of sea miles
The great Egyptian age is but a remnant of the Atlantian culture
The antediluvian kings colonized the world
All the Gods who play in the mythological dramas
In all legends from all lands were from far Atlantis

Knowing her fate, Atlantis sent out ships
To all corners of the Earth, on board were the
Twelve: The poet, the physician, the farmer, the scientist
The magician and the other so-called Gods of our legends

Though Gods they were
And as the elders of our time choose to remain blind
Let us rejoice and let us sing
And dance and ring in the new
Hail Atlantis

You take it from here. We can help with your other four talks. Let us help.

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