A new type of versatile carry on for cruise speakers

ByRick Deutsch

A new type of versatile carry on for cruise speakers

I’m a semi-annual cruise ship lecturer. I get out about twice a year. That’s enough sailing for me.

When I travel, I often tie in meetings enroute to the dock. I might meet with a vendor, a client, an agent or a speaking prospect. Due to limited and expensive luggage costs, I put as much under 50 pounds in my checked baggage. Then I shove my laptop and essentials into a backpack.

The image I present to others is of a geek.  The backpack is a dead giveaway that I’m really a county bumpkin at heart.

I found a neat new solution. It’s called The LeTrav Convertible Carrying Case. Take a peek at it in action.

The LeTrav Convertible Carrying Case

The LeTrav Convertible Carrying Case

The idea is that I can still use the backpack, but when I want to look professional, the unit flips inside and around to become a nice looking full grain leather briefcase.  It measures 12″ x 16″ x 5.5”.  Easy for in-flight storage.

The backpack mode is water-resistant.  It’s made with ballistic nylon and leather trim. It holds plenty of my toys for travel and notebooks, etc for my meeting.  You get full access the two main compartments in both modes.

LeTrav cases range from $459 for the “Maxwell” to a high-end leather case…the “Ethan” for $895. The company is in Portland and I guess those are the names of his two sons.

We’ll put more product ideas out to keep you stylin’.  Comment on what you want us to find!!
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