Do I really need a tux onboard a cruise ship?

ByRick Deutsch

Do I really need a tux onboard a cruise ship?

Most cruise ships have de-weighted the formal dinners and “Meet the Captain” requirement for tuxedos. In fact many travelers prefer not to bring one. We only get 50 pounds and a tux with shoes, ties, cummerbund, etc and add several pounds that could just as well stay home. Personally, I bought one when I started out sailing. I figured I had to look the part – at all times.

Speaker, Rick in his $900 tux

Speaker, Rick in his $900 tux

As long as you have a nice dark suit you should be fine. While my wife would rather order room service than dress up for one night, many older women do enjoy the experience. The photographers are snapping all night for those $40 8×10’s. We find our point and shoot is good enough for us.

It’s really hard on women who feel they must look different all the time. I actually have red, white and black bow ties, matching cummerbunds and hankies (for the coat pocket). But they are lightweight.
The Captain’s greeting night is a hard call. While I want to kiss up to the Captain, Cruise Director and his staff…they actually prefer that their time be spent with guests….so I can actually just hide in the lounge and greet people and make sure I’m seen from a distance or give the staff a friendly “hidee ho.”
I usually wear a black suit for my talks. One night I accidentally put on my suit pants with my tux. I didn’t notice until I got back to the room at midnight – what a country bumpkin.
Anyway, my advice is to save $900 and 10 suitcase pounds and just go with a nice white shirt and wear your suit for the formal nights. You’ll only need one thing to carry.


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