How to keep track of your cruise speaking schedule

ByRick Deutsch

How to keep track of your cruise speaking schedule

Once you get on board as a cruise ship speaker, you will get inundated with sheets of instructions, how-to’s, events and most important your schedule of talks. You may also get invites to the Captain’s greeting night, one to host a table at dinner and tickets to your selected excursions.

How to keep track of all this?  Don’t just stack up all the sheets on the desk. I prefer my method.

Cruise Speaker aids

Cruise Speaker aids

Here’s what you do. Tear off the pages you really need to keep aware o . Tape them to the wall in your room. The housekeeper won’t care. That way I cross out the days off as we go. They will have YOUR personal schedule for your easy reference. Very easy to keep up to date.

It’s best to use blue painter’s tape….stick a few feet into you luggage. It comes off fast. Cellophane tape tends to stick and leave residue.

Try it. You’ll not miss a meeting.

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