Tours on a cruise ship: The Kitchen – Yes, the Bridge – No.

ByRick Deutsch

Tours on a cruise ship: The Kitchen – Yes, the Bridge – No.

The days of seeing what the Captain and staff do up in the control room are over. 9/11 ended all that.

Be sure to sign up for the Kitchen tour. Really. It is fascinating to watch how the chef and crew prepare the meals for a couple THOUSAND hungry passengers. They are busier than an Army Mess hall. It is all an orchestrated process.

 Cruise ship dinner

Cruise ship dinner

There are dedicated team members doing their part. Impressive.

Now about the Bridge. Decades ago, limited tours allowed folks to get up and see the “wheel,” radars and communications equipment. Middle Eastern terrorists put that off limits.

On a recent cruise I was the destination speaker and spoke about the ports: Ensenda, San Diego, Santa Barbara and San Francisco. I got to narrate as the ship sailed into the Bay and under the Golden Gate Bridge. Wow. I know a lot about California.

I was allowed into the bridge where the ALL-SHIP audio was located. I got on the microphone that sent my words all over the ship. Kinda scary. Luckily, I didn’t flub or step on my words.

The experiences as a cruise ship speaker will amaze you. The flow begins with us to help you understand the process.

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