This is one tool that speakers should not be without: A green laser pointer

ByRick Deutsch

This is one tool that speakers should not be without: A green laser pointer

When in front of a large audience, the polished speaker will need to point to things on the screen. Please don’t use the wimpy red laser that comes with the slide clicker. They are just too dim. Plus, they get lost when showing bright color images.

I am a major proponent of GREEN lasers. I get mine from China in about a week.  I never see them in the USA.  They are as low as one for $5.50 with free shipping. Really.

Order a couple from a company called Best Laser Pointers. Gee, they must be good with a name like that.

green laser pointer

A 6-inch green laser pointer will enhance your talks

I suggest you get two.  Have one as a spare – two for $10.00.  I have three of them. I always bring two up to the podium in case there is an issue.  FRESH batteries are a must as I found they can only last for three 1-hour presentations, depending on use. But boy, are they bright. They take two AAA batteries. I use Alkaline.   I take the batteries out for travel as I’ve had the ON switch activate and kill my batteries.

It will almost burn a hole in the screen (kidding). These are the kind that idiots point at airplanes…but we are all adults here.  They are six inches long and only 5 milliwatts, so they are safe. Also fun to play with cats.

We promote them to our students. We get nothing out this – but feel it’s a tip that most speakers don’t know about. Now you do!

We share tips like this on this blog. Page through back topics. Contact us to take your place on the cruise ship podium.  We just became aware of DOZENS of openings all the way into 2020!  So go for it. What can you talk about? What  is your passion? We can help get you ready.

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