Tips that can help to NOT lose your luggage on a cruise

ByRick Deutsch

Tips that can help to NOT lose your luggage on a cruise

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Sailing soon? Pack smartly

As a member of the ships’ Entertainment staff, lecturer’s travel to the ship may be paid by the line or you may have to pay. Plan on the latter.  Many ships require you to get to the port on your own. All cruise lines vary on their policies.

While I was waiting for my luggage to come off the carousel at a large European airport, I noticed that 60% of the bags all looked alike. Black large rollaways. People were grabbing bags and turning them over to read the luggage tag to see if it was theirs.

What do I do to make sure no one takes mine by mistake?  I get a roll of yellow duct tape and slap on conspicuous strips all over it. Yes, gaudy, but I can see it tens of feet away. My wife gives me a hard time – saying it looks tacky for a professional to junk up his suitcase.

She uses a black rollaway with a tiny yellow ribbon on the handle. You can see that from maybe 4 feet. There was time when baggage attendants would ask to see your luggage receipt and correlate that with the actual bag you had. Think of that! Then with labor costs an streamlining, we went to the honor system. It would be so easy for a crook to just grab a suitcase and head out the door. There might be some treasures inside.

With my neon yellow tape I can see if the bag tries to head out with another traveler.

A bonus tip – Get one of those mini scales and while at home packing….pick up your bag with to see how much it weighs. 50 pounds is the current limit. I learned real quick that a big  suitcase weighs about 10 pounds empty! So now I use a canvas duffle bag. It only weighs 5 pounds.  So that means I could take at 5 pounds more. I use Eagle Creek bags to put my folded clothes in.

A double bonus tip – check with your carrier before heading to the airport. Many non-US carriers allow two bags. You can bring even more of your rock collection.

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