A tip to save a speaker from total embarrassment

ByRick Deutsch

A tip to save a speaker from total embarrassment

This is a true story. My name has been changed to protect my innocence.

I’m shaving one morning on the Good Ship Lollipop, where I am a speaker.  I woke up at 7 am – plenty of time to rehearse a bit then eat and go out and “glad hand” until l show time. I am calm and ready to go on stage later that afternoon.

Whilst I was shaving (I love to say “whilst”…and angst”. – but I digress),  I nicked my cheek and blood started to spout down. I grabbed  tissue and gradually the flow stopped.

However, when I looked down a drop of AB+ landed right on the front of my shirt. Yikes! What to do? My wife came to the rescue. Let’s call her Cathy, although her real name is Sandy. Well, she tells me nothing is going to take that out – except SPIT!  And my spit to boot. Yuck.

As long as it comes from my mouth, it will lighten the stain and remove it. Really? Really. It worked. Check out these undoctored photos. No Photoshop here, and yes, they are the same shirt! Sandy …er, Cathy was right again. That High School Home Econ class saved the day.


It took about 30 minutes of spittle and rubbing…until by gosh, it was gone. The shirt had enough time to dry out and I went on stage spotless.


Stick this tip in your medulla oblongata, it can save the day.


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