The one ultimate MUST HAVE for professional speakers | Pearl Harbor Kit

ByRick Deutsch

The one ultimate MUST HAVE for professional speakers | Pearl Harbor Kit

We have talked a lot about things you MUST bring to all your talks. Little things that will save your bacon and prevent embarrassment as you give your required presentation.  I call it a Pearl Harbor kit. We are now over 70 years away from that fateful day in 1941 when the Japanese attacked the Hawaiian Islands. Yes, the USA was unprepared. I use that model to tress that YOU, a professional speaker not get caught unprepared.

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Today I will implore you to get this one gizmo that all speakers worth their salt have. I don’t; want you to be dependent on anyone. The one critical item?  A PowerPoint Slide changer. The industry calls them “Wireless Presenters” Don;’ depend on the staff to give you one….they may – and the batteries may be dead. Or it may have been dropped and not work properly. Or they can’t find it after Dr Dre used it last week.

GET YOUR OWN!  This unit is bullet proof: The SIIG Wireless Presenter, their model CE-WR0012-S1. It hums at 2.4 GZ and is an RF (Radio Frequency) device. This means it’s secure from interference and is not line of sight. So you can move all over the room. Range is a solid 50 feet. It uses one AAA battery. ALWAYS put in a fresh one before an important talk.

Like many slide changers, the SIIG does include a red laser pointer. Don’t bother. Read up on our discussion on why you need to get a bright GREEN laser. These wimpy red ones just don;t put out enough to be useful.  Both of your hosts, Rick and Bill, use this model….not by design, but we both did the research and picked it independently. (A harmonic convergence?)

Click to get yours => SIIG Wireless Presenter



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