Want to teach on a cruise ship? Consider Semester at Sea.

ByRick Deutsch

Want to teach on a cruise ship? Consider Semester at Sea.

Many speakers are very qualified in their expertise. A little know program called Semester at Sea may be a place you’d consider. As a faculty member you will actually teach young students in your discipline. History, Archaeology, Science etc. The Institute for Shipboard Education is the parent and they are based in Charlotte VA.

The 7 deck, 590-foot ship sails the world taking students literally around the globe for one semester of their college programs. A normal semester can include 8-15 destinations, traveling to 2-4 continents. This may comprise 24,500 nautical miles. All course work is transferable credit to the University of Virginia.

The Explorer - Semester at Sea ship

The Explorer – Semester at Sea ship

Semester at Sea introduces undergraduate students to global and comparative studies. Students Choosing Semester at Sea. The get an improved understanding of the world. A greater awareness of cultural difference, improved self-confidence and autonomy, improved flexibility and understanding of multiple perspectives. They additionally get a better understanding of own their culture, greater acceptance of others and their own opinions and the ability to live in close community.

The Institute for Shipboard Education (ISE) is a private, nonprofit, educational corporation that administers the Semester at Sea (SAS) global study abroad program. With international headquarters located in Charlottesville, VA, ISE hires the faculty, staff, and professionals who travel aboard the MV Explorer each academic term as well as those who manage operations from the Charlottesville offices. To learn more visit their site.

Teachers are experts, including Nobel Prize winners, world leaders, and TED speakers.  Are you of that caliber? At SpeakOnCruises, we can help you navigate the program and help you get placed.

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