How to Get a Talk at World’s Largest Search Engine as Part of Their In-House Series

ByBill Belew

How to Get a Talk at World’s Largest Search Engine as Part of Their In-House Series

Bill Belew does a Talk at Google

Bill Belew does a Talk at Google

Ted Talks are tough enough to get. Harder yet is the opportunity to do a Talk at Google .

Cruise ship lecturers look for ways to build their credibility.

Cruise lines and agents are eager to not only give cruisers a great experience but also to give their cruisers exposure to high quality speakers. This is especially true for the luxury and ultra-luxury cruise lines.

Being a speaker in the Talks At Google series is a big feather.

How to Get a Talk at Google:

There is no application process.

1.You need a ‘champion’ at Google to make the pitch for you.

2. It also helps to live near the campus. (I am just minutes away.)

I was speaking at a church in the area. After I was finished one of the women in the audience came up to me and asked, “Hey, would you be interested in speaking at Google?”

3. If that hasn’t happened to you yet, go to your email contact list and see if you know of anybody who works at their Mountain View Campus. Reach out to them. Or reach out to someone you know who knows someone who works there. There is no other way.

4. Once you have a champion you must figure out between the two of you what topic would be appropriate for the audience there. No easy task, mind you.

5. After you come up with a topic you must:

  • write out your bio,
  • establish your credibility
  • propose the topic and description

to a local committee that will, in turn, give it a thumbs up or down.

6. Once that obstacle is cleared a time must be found.

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I was surprised, given the size of their campus just how booked up ALL their rooms are. We ended up scheduling the event a month+ out.

After that it was lots of give and take to create the bio for the announcement, the write up for the announcement … and so on.

7. I went to Google HQ to see the room where I would present and get a feel for the space.

8. I also use Prezi, which the Google engineers had surprisingly NOT used yet. That led to some more give and take – all via email.

9. I showed up an hour early to plug in and test everything.

Then talked … and talked … and talked.

Question – what feathers do you have in your cap?

Be sure that you will be asked by the cruise line.

Need help getting on board?


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