Who supports speakers while at sea? | The cruise director is one

ByRick Deutsch

Who supports speakers while at sea? | The cruise director is one

Upon boarding your ship for your 2-week cruise, the main man is the Cruise Director, aka the CD. And sorry, but I have never seen a female CD. He is in charge of all the entertainment and happy times on the ship. Even though your agency will do the main interface with the ship, when you are moving at sea, you answer to the CD.

They are very busy people, but kind to speakers. Usually, there will be a meeting of the whole entertainment staff and performers (you) soon after departure. All lines vary, but it’s done early so everyone gets to see the whole gaggle of singers, dancers and YOU! (Expect very young show people!)

Don't hang out at the pool all day

Don’t hang out at the pool all day

The CD has a person that you will get most of your actual direction from – the Assistant CD. Now here I see a lot of women. Figure the CD is hustling all around the ship on big issues (he’s #2 behind the Captain in the pecking order.)  The ACD is the one you call first for any questions. If it’s important – they will call you. That gets dicey as you are probably scooting all over the ship. Be sure to circle back to your room every couple of hours to see if there are any messages for you. It’s hard to remember, but try and check your phone to see if the little red button is blinking.

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I’ve found all CD’s and ACD’s to be real nice people. They want you to succeed – then THEY succeed and the guests are happy. Meet the CD early and get to know the ACD.

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