Suggested topics for cruise lecturers

ByRick Deutsch

Suggested topics for cruise lecturers

If you are a sports aficionado, you may be able to parley that into four nice talks for a free cruise.

Here’s my idea. Right now basketball season is in full swing. I live in Golden State Warrior country and we won the NBA title last year…and are steaming to do it again in 2016.  Steph Curry is a small player, yet he was MVP for the league last year and is sinking 3-pointers like free throws.

Warriors Steph Curry firing a shot

Steph Curry – Best shooter ever!

So, you can talk about the evolution of basketball – or baseball – or football – or whatever sport you know a lot about. Or can write a term paper about. Offer a seasonal talk – this would endear you to the agencies.

Do you have the credentials to be the speaker? Played college ball? Been a long time fan who studied the game?

Go over who invented the game. What was going on in the world then? What made it a big success?  How has it evolved over the years?

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Then talk about the great players and what they did to overcome their obstacles. What motivated them? Just do three players. That’s a key to speaking … audiences get burned out if you go for more. Promote the Halls of Fame.

Then talk about international acceptance of the classic America sports. Olympics – the Dream Team. How has sports brought the world together?

Finally, what do you see as the future of basketball and other sports? Rules change. The 3-point shot is mainstream. Players now camp out at the 30 ft circle. Any plan to give four points for a drop-kick?  Raise the basket to 11-feet? Prohibit “one-and-done” college players from going pro after just one year of school?  How about college players sharing in the huge revenue that TV brings.

So you see, with a little thought, you can come up with four InfoTainment talks. We’re pretty good at this.

Makes sense to  me.

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