Storytelling | Take Your Cruise Ship Audience on a Ride with Words

ByBill Belew

Storytelling | Take Your Cruise Ship Audience on a Ride with Words

Cruise Ship Speakers are Storytellers

Cruise Ship Speakers are Storytellers

Describing = using your words to draw a picture.

Anybody can draw a picture if they have a canvas, sheet of paper, blank slate and something to draw with, crayon, pen, pencil, piece of charcoal.

Almost anybody. I still have trouble writing my name legibly much less drawing a picture.

With words? On a stage? Now that I can get away with.

The simple rule – using the senses. Give your cruise ship audience a sensual experience.

I mentioned an experience I had with PC dying literally moments before I was about to speak in a previous post.

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Have your audience hear the shrill in the voice of your dying computer. Let them see in their minds eye the dying expression on your PC screen. What did the smoke smell like that came out of your power pack? Can they feel the coldness coming into the keyboard as the life went out? And can they taste the sourness you experienced as you grew frustrated by the betrayal of a friend choosing to die at a most inopportune time?

The more senses you bring into your word choice, all the while giving your audience time to experience them, the better the result.

How bright is brilliant? How dark is gloomy? What does a bad taste really taste like? And the smell? My nose always arrives before I do. Physically because of its size and sensually because it’s good at what it does.

When you tell stories on stage … use the senses to give your audience a real ride.

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