New Spot Remover is a must for a lecturer on cruise ships

ByRick Deutsch

New Spot Remover is a must for a lecturer on cruise ships

When you are on a ship, there is a whole lot of food to enjoy. Some of which may drip onto your shirt, pants or dress. Been there – done that. I can’t eat pasta without leaving the table with tiny red sauce spots on me. Not good when you are on stage giving lectures.

Another bad stain is blood. A nick from shaving or an untimely nose bleed can reek havoc  on nice clean white shirts. A while back we told you a way to remove blood stains. Read the whole post – but the bottom line is spit.  YOUR spit will remove YOUR blood. Weird.

I found a real good spot remover called “I found a real good spot remover called “Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover.”.” Way  more sanitary then saliva. I had some pants with blood stains that were abut a week ld. so they were pretty well set.

At my local ACE hardware store I saw a box of small – 2 oz – bottles of I found a real good spot remover called “Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover.” Yeah, right. Like the infomercials selling magic elixirs?  I left – but curious.

a spot cleaner

If you are a professional speaker – get this!

After a day, I thought “hey for a few bucks, I’ll try it.”  Doggone if it didn’t get those stains out. Really. It was pretty easy. Just dob a few drops on the stain and rub in. then I washed the area in a sink with a bar of soap. GONE – I tell you GONE.


The product worked way better than the spit method (although it’s good to remember that one). Walmart sells it fr $5. I now keep it in my shave it.  And I get NO compensation for telling you this.

It’s nice to find stuff that works as advertised! Audiences notice the little things. And be sure to take one final look at yourself in a mirror before you talk. Funny how the zipper might be open or your collar mis-buttoned.

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