Speaking on Ships requires you to look your best; dress the part.

ByRick Deutsch

Speaking on Ships requires you to look your best; dress the part.

I spent 6 years in the Air Force. That meant wearing a blue uniform every day. Monday through Friday. The only escape was Friday nights at the local pub or weekends getting off the base. As a result, my personal wardrobe was right out of the 1970’s. Odd colors, mismatched suits and novelty ties were in my closet. Upon discharge, I knew I was in sore need of some advice. I actually hired a consultant to help. He told me to trash my oversized glasses, comb my hair differently, get to a men’s store and stock up on some duds. Good advice. I bought a popular book called “Dress for Success.”

Wow, while I was out defending the country, the fashion world went on without my inputs. The bell bottoms, platform shoes and leisure suits were taken to the Goodwill (Yes, I’m that old to have worn those). I now had outfits that I could interview with and land a job. It worked. I did not become an IBM white shirt droid, but looked acceptable.

Dress to be a success full speaker

Dress to be a success full speaker

So what do you care? You only get one chance to make a good impression. When you speak on a ship, the advice is to look better than the guests. YOU represent the line. The passengers think you are part of the staff. You need to look the part of a subject matter expert. The audience needs to be engaged in your content, not on your college logo necktie. Pick subdued colors. Nothing flashy; leave that to the Hollywood celebrities. For men, one dark suit jacket and 3 ties will suffice for 2 weeks. Bring a pair of different color pants to get more mileage out of your clothes. You should have a complete suit that you can wear to after hour gatherings. Guests dress up for many evening events. If you are dining with them you should look sharp.

Buy Dress for Success – updated for the new millennium.

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